Agent Profile

Nancy Lynch

Sales Associate

Ramsey/Upper Saddle River Office
147 E Main St
RamseyNJ  07446
Cell (201) 906-0208
Direct (201) 825-5125
Office (201) 825-7700
Home (201) 906-0208

Partner vs One man show

Why work with in a Partnership, when so many other Realtors work alone? The short answer is Client Service!!! Curt Benedetto and I have worked together for more than a decade. Curt was my Mentor as I transitioned from Nursing into Sales. I was very impressed by his 10- 12 hour a day, 7 days a week work ethic. Between our Office hours, smart phones, grasp of current technologies and our extensive knowledge of Bergen County is a partnership that meets our Clients’ needs. Real estate today is so Demanding, Deals can be lost within hours… Work alone… I value my Clients far too much!

A Good Sales Person

What makes you such a successful Realtor? As a retired Oncology Nurse I became a student of human nature! An active precipitant in people’s lives their hopes, dreams and fears. Not un-like my involvement in the Realtor- Client relationship. Nurses develop countless other skills. I became a careful listener, learning to deeply understand people’s wants and needs. (Miss Communication was not an option!) I became an expert negotiator (ever try to administer Chemo Therapy to a misinformed person?) I’ve worked with people from many walks of life and it taught me to be non-judgmental. Most importantly I developed an outstanding wit (excellent for down time) used to ease tension during difficult moments. This business places me among a very diverse group of clients my background enables me to skillfully assist them all. I attribute my successes in Real estate to the knowledge and skills learned as a nurse.